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A personalized workout plan, a guide to your nutrition, a motivational voice on your team. A personal trainer will bring all of this and more.

With multiple training options and specialties, you'll find the right fit to help you reach your goals. Let our team of Certified Personal Trainers help guide your way to a healthier you.


No matter your background or fitness level, we've got a trainer that can help. With 1-on-1 training, you'll get individualized attention, a personalized workout plan, and guidance in the kitchen.

Safety and results are our two priorities. You'll learn to prevent injuries and enjoy the gym!


Studies show that working with a friend can boost your results and motivation, so why not do that with a personal trainer?

Buddy Sessions will let you do just that, for a cheaper option for both you and your workout partner! 

Bring your sibling, your spouse, or your best friend in and let's get to work.

small group

With Small Group Training (SGT), you can work with a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost.

Small Group Training allows you to work out with a small group of friends or family (up to 7) and still get a personalized workout plan geared toward each individual and the group's goals!

kids camp

When it comes to your fitness, learning the proper technique and skills can never start to early.

Whether it's summer time or after school, we've got kids programs to help teach your children the importance of fitness, the basic of exercise, and the technique to keep them safe!



No matter your fitness goals, our diverse team of personal trainers will have the education and expertise to help you grow.



Team Training is a functional movement team training system where the atmosphere is not only felt, but seen.


Created to generate results while keeping you accountable and motivated to succeed, Team Training has an array of exercises and movements to offer people of all ages and levels of fitness.



"I have been working out for over 25 years on a regular basis. The 6 months I worked out with a trainer at Mesa Fitness was the most beneficial in that not only did I lose 80 pounds, but I also learned the proper way to exercise." - Chris, age 70

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