Personal Training

Here at Mesa Fitness, all of our personal trainers are certified professionals with a passion for helping others achieve their goals, leading each individual on the right track to be successful whether it is to increase strength and endurance or to lose weight. We have something for everyone here at Mesa Fitness and cannot wait to get you started on your path of a healthy lifestyle! 

1-on-1 Training

We offer comprehensive personal training services and people of all fitness levels can benefit. Whether you just want to improve upon your current routine or start one from scratch, we have a personal training team that can help you. We will help you to customize a full fitness routine and will work with you to ensure that you stay on track and meet your goals.

Results-Driven Training

Establish your starting point and track your progress with a program that is catered to your individual goals.

Personalized Program

Your program will be catered specifically to your fitness level and goals to achieve maximum success. 

Motivation and Accountability 

Get your own Monday Motivation with a trainer who can help keep you active in the gym and accountable at home. 

Team Training

Our Team Training is a functional movement team training system where the atmosphere is not only felt, but seen. Created to generate results while keeping you accountable and motivated to succeed, Team Training has an array of exercises and movements to offer people of all ages and levels of fitness.

Group Training

Train as a member of our team classes and get a trainer-made workout on your own time!

Fitness Assessment

Before you start, get some 1-on-1 time time with a trainer for a fitness assessment to see what areas the classes can help you most.

Motivation and Accountability 

Stay accountable with your instructors and your team mates, and help each other find that motivation you need. 

Take your fitness to the next level with a MYZONE monitor. Mesa Fitness training clients have the opportunity to utilize MYZONE technology to monitor their workouts both with their trainer and on their own. Get a live-feed of your workout on televisions in the club, where you can compete with others in our classes, or just compete with yourself! Available at the front desk.


"I have been working out for over 25 years on a regular basis. The 6 months I worked out with Jim was the most beneficial in that not only did I lose 80 pounds, but I also learned the proper way to exercise."

CHRIS, age 70


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