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Run the Day

Reflecting on your day at the end of it usually brings one of two thoughts to mind. Either "Man I crushed it today, I got so much done," or "I feel like I got nothing accomplished." Obviously there is a lot of in-between with those two statements, but you get the point.

Usually with the first one, you have a plan of attack, you have goals set for the day, or you at least have a good idea of what you want to get accomplished and then you go through that plan and get things done. With the second, you go into the day not totally sure what to do, and that situation never truly gets any better, until the end of the day rolls around and you're kicking yourself for it.

The theme here is that YOU need to run the day. Orchestrate what your day is going to look like, come into it with a plan, and get after it. Same goes for your time in the gym. Either you run your workout, or your workout runs you (and not the way you want it to).

So our advice here is to 1. Have a plan/goal, and 2. Execute on said plan/goal. Hit the gym with a plan, then come in and execute that plan and you will see the results you want. Now, not everyone's plan of attack looks the same. For some, a plan may be a detailed workout list with an exact order of exercises, sets, reps, and weight, along with allotted time for the workout. For others, this might just be a note on your "Notes" app (or the Mesa Fitness App if you're part of the "Cool Kids" Club) saying what you want to get done today. Whatever it is that gives you that kind of plan that you need to succeed, run with it. Our trainers have found over their careers that having a plan of attack and having some structure to what you're doing when you come into the gym provides for not only a better workout, but you become more consistent about it.

Now, this is the most important part. You can plan all day long. You can get sessions with a trainer, have someone build you a workout and nutrition guide, you can buy all the stuff at the store you need, but the most important part is to EXECUTE on that plan. Execute on every rep, on every exercise, every workout, every meal. Planning it out and thinking about what you're doing in the gym is great, but if you don't come into the gym and actually EXECUTE, then what is the point? PLAN & EXECUTE.

We believe in should too. 💙

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