Tips to Stay Healthy

Mesa Fitness has been the place to be to help you stay healthy and fit, and that doesn't change while we are closed. We are here to help you stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, both with workouts and basic tips on keeping you and your family safe.


It is cold and flu season too (which makes it even more stressful to have a cold now-a-days), and the easiest and most effective way to keep from spreading a virus like COVID-19 or even the common cold is simply washing your hands. Experts recommend to do this frequently, especially before eating! The same experts also recommend to do so for at least 20 seconds, and to cover the entirety of your hands.

Check out this video put together by John's Hopkins Medicine and the World Health Organization (WHO):


Lose the shoes when you get home. Recent research has shown that germs and bacteria can live on your shoes for up to 5 days! So kick off your shoes when you get home to help prevent spreading it throughout your house. Same goes with your coat.


Not everyone has a home gym, which is why many of you have your gym memberships. Regardless of whether you have anything at home or not to help with a workout, you can still stay home and stay fit at the same time. You can try body-weight workouts, which are easy and don't require anything but YOU and a good attitude (and maybe some Rocky music?). During our closure, we are posting workout classes (such as Barre) and various home-workouts provided by our trainers to help during this time at home. Even just working out a couple days a week can help maintain the progress you have already made, or even help make more progress during our down time.


Staying at home can be tough, but just staying active can be a tremendous boost to your health. Whether its via taking a walk through your neighborhood (some clean air always helps with cabin fever too), playing with the dog or the kids outside, or even doing some push-ups, sit-ups, or squats during commercials, staying active is a key ingredient to making your time at home that much better.

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