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Top Fitness Podcasts - 2021

The world of audio has vastly expanded over the past few years, and many of us have adapted our workouts beyond just the newest hits from the "Weekend Top 30 Countdown." Maybe you're still a part of the musical group, but there are many who have started listening to podcasts to work their brain while they work their body at the gym.

If you still need tunes to hit new PRs or to keep your focus on the weight, keep doing what you're doing. If you're looking for a new option, finding a podcast can be a great way to train your mind while you train the body. With that being said, podcasts can be great outside of the gym too to help build your knowledge and build on your fitness journey. There are over 500,000 unique podcasts and they can help you learn more around topics like nutrition, overcoming plateaus, motivation, how to program, talking about health and fitness myths (and truths), injury prevention, and much more outside of the fitness arena. Whatever the topic, the best fitness podcasts are designed to teach you something and provide value to your journey.

We wanted to highlight some of our favorite podcasts to start listening to if you're looking to learn more around the world of fitness!

Mind Pump Podcast

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth pulls back the curtain on some of the biggest and most popular fitness myths as well as providing advice around topics like improving your posture (see Episode 1490: How to Improve Your Posture), losing fat without dieting (see Episode 1460), and so much more. Join the four hosts with over 40 years experience as they dive into topics far and wide. This podcast is great for beginners and gym rats alike.

20 Minute Fitness Podcast

The 20 Minute Fitness Podcast is great if you're a busy parent, professional, or person in general and don't have the time to catch a full length podcast episode. Host Lilla Laczo covers a wide range of topics like succeeding with your goals and New Years Resolutions, nutrition, and health outside of the gym with things like skin and brain health. This is another great podcast for novices and veterans.

Beyond the Barbell Podcast

For some of our CrossFit and functional training enthusiasts, check out the Beyond the Barbell podcast. This podcast is heavily CrossFit related and is put on by Ben Alderman and Blair Morrison, two experts that talk owning CrossFit gyms, the art of CrossFit, and also interview experts across fitness arena like nutrition, equipment, fitness trends, and much more.

Jillian Michaels: Keeping It Real

Jillian Michaels is one of the biggest names in the fitness world, with most people knowing her from her time on The Biggest Loser, her home-workout videos, or her new fitness app. What many don't know is that she also has her own podcast, Keeping It Real with Jillian Michaels.

Jillian's expertise is clearly in the fitness realm, but she touches on other topics like medicine, nutrition, parenting, finances, and relationships. This weekly podcast is full of incredible information to help improve your life across the board, not just health wise.

40+ Fitness Podcast

As you age, your body changes how it reacts to things you could do when you were younger. This podcast talks nutrition, exercise, and overall health for those 40, 50, 60+ years old and how to keep their body in the best shape. The 40+ Fitness Podcast is great for people who have a great education in the arena of fitness or those who haven't hit the gym in a few years.

The FitMind Podcast

Many of us associate fitness with physical health and wellbeing. The underlying truth is that fitness can be just as much mental as it is physical. The FitMind Podcast, with host Liam McClintock, talks mental health & fitness, meditation, the science of the mind, and motivation as it relates to our well being. Liam brings on some of the best experts on the brain to help bring more information around taking care of your brain like you take care of your body.

The Key Nutrition Podcast

The Key Nutrition Podcast talks about....nutrition. Shocker, right? Nutrition is can be one of the biggest keys to taking the next step toward reaching your goals and podcast hosts Brad Jensen & Michelle Raines aim to educate you on the ins and outs of nutritional fitness, motivation, and mindset.

Your fitness journey and your life journey can improve based around your education. If you continue to push your mind to learn new things, you're only doing yourself good. If you're a busy parent or professional (or in many cases, both), then podcasts are a great way to do it, because you can listen and learn while you're working out, working on a project at the office, or on your daily commute.

Like we said earlier, there are over half a million unique podcasts, and there is many more out there that can help you grow in your interests, these are some of our favorites! Check them out and train your mind like you train your body.

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