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A New App is Coming to Mesa Fitness!

Mesa Fitness entered the digital world when we launched our mobile app in 2020!

That app has allowed members not just to check in to the gym but register for classes, be a part of the community, and connect with trainers and even other members.

Four years later, we're getting ready to bring something new to Mesa Fitness.

A brand new app with even more connectivity, capabilities, and ways to help our members live happier, healthier lives.


Here's what's coming with the new Mesa Fitness app in Spring 2024:


Our new app will give you more capabilities to manage your membership, stay up-to-date, and even get notifications when something happens.

With the new app, you'll be able to:

  • Update your payment information

  • Get notifications on card issues or past-due payments.

  • See payment history for both dues and in-club transactions.

  • Download your check-in history to submit for insurance or company events.

Plus you can still easily access your membership barcode. Apple iPhone users will even be able to add their barcode to their Apple Wallet, making checking in even easier.


The goal of our new app is to empower you to make a difference in your fitness journey. Our new app will have a variety of tracking features, task managers, and more to help streamline your fitness.

With our new app, you can:

  • Create tasks & reminders (drinking water, taking vitamins, stretching, and more!)

  • Log & track your health goals

  • Track your nutrition intake

  • Log workouts with ease

  • Track the small achievements and wins, like your number of workouts, water intake, and more.


Our previous app simply allowed you to book classes in the club.

We wanted to take that a step further.

With our new app, you will have the ability to purchase passes for top-tier classes, event passes, and more!


Shortly after our new app launches, you'll also have the ability to access on-demand classes from the Les Mills library, straight in our app!


The new Mesa Fitness mobile app lets you work directly with a personal trainer.

Get workouts, set goals in the gym and your nutrition, and even share progress ALL in the app.

Plus, you can chat with your trainer, and get feedback on your workouts, nutrition, and more!


We wanted to provide MORE in terms of education in the gym. Our new app will include an Orientation section, where you can get acquainted with our equipment and our facility.

Here, you'll find video tutorials on how to use every weight machine, treadmill, and more!

This will be available in sections shortly after our app launches.


Track every level of your health from your heart rate to your sleep with the help of your favorite wearables.

The new Mesa Fitness app can connect you to dozens of health and fitness wearables such as Apple Watch & Apple Health, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Whoop, Withings, Garmin, and more!

No more bouncing back and forth, now you can see it all in one app.

There are SO MANY incredible things coming to the palm of your hands, and we are so excited for you to see them! But there's a little bit of homework for our team and members to help make this process easy.


A new app means a few updates, and that requires some help from our members as well.

Here's what you (the member) will need to do to be ready for the new app:

  1. Stop at the front desk of your home club to verify the email we have on file is accurate. Even if you use our current app, we want to make sure the email is updated for the new one.

  2. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where we will be posting updates on the new app!

  3. Check your email over the coming weeks for email updates.

That's it!

As we get closer to launching the new app, we'll be sharing updates via our social pages and email.

We promise not to bombard your inbox with messages, we just want to keep you in the loop!


What happens to our old Mesa Fitness app?

The old app will no longer be active once our new app launches.

To book classes, see trainers, or access your barcode, you will need to download the new app.

Will I still get to use the app for my barcode?

Yes, the new app will house your membership barcode to allow you to check in to the club.

If you currently do not use the app or do not have a smartphone, you will soon be able to purchase a physical barcode for $5 from the front desk.

When does the new app launch?

The new app is currently projected to launch in April 2024.

Updates about the app's launch will be made available through email and our social media channels.

Can I still book classes on the app?

Yes, the app will still allow you to book classes at both locations.

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