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World Obesity Day 2021

Sometimes it can seem like every day is a national, federal, or maybe a made up day of recognition. However, March 4th is a day where we recognize and bring attention to a serious health topic, obesity.

March 4th is known as World Obesity Day and is a day to bring awareness to a health issue that affects nearly 800 million people across the globe. Now, many people think that obesity is primarily a choice or "lack of willpower," but according to the World Obesity Federation, "there are many factors that can put people at higher risk of developing obesity, including biology, genes, mental health, access to healthcare and exposure to ultra-processed, unhealthy foods." They have even put together an incredible information sheet to provide more information around the roots of obesity, which you can download here.

The costs of obesity can be tremendous, not just in the medical costs, which is expected to reach $1 trillion in the next 4 years, but it can be detrimental for your long term health as well. The unfortunate truth is that not only does obesity affect adults, but also affects our future generations. The World Obesity Federation estimates that childhood obesity will increase by 60% in the next decade.

There are numerous ways we can help prevent and treat obesity, with the most prevalent being education. If we can educate ourselves and the people around us regarding obesity, we can help provide a better support system and a positive environment for those battling obesity.

The World Obesity Federation put together some incredible education, resources, and ways to help combat one of the largest health issues in the world. You can find all their information about World Obesity Day and start developing a stronger understanding and find ways to help at

This post was not sponsored by World Obesity Federation and it's organizations.

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