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Easy Ways to Stay Active Outdoors


You know what that means? It's time to get out of the house, enjoy some sun, and be active in this beautiful weather. Especially here in our gorgeous home of the Grand Valley, the outdoors is an incredible place to not only enjoy some sun, but also be active and have fun while doing it!

In the Grand Valley, there are countless ways to be active outside, especially if you're a little adventurous.

Here are some simple ways to be active outdoors:

  1. Enjoy a walk each morning, afternoon, or evening

  2. Walk or bike around your favorite park

  3. Walk around your neighborhood and look at homes

  4. Walk or bike through new neighborhoods in your town

  5. Bike to work or school

  6. Bike through a local orchard

  7. Visit a local playground (yes this one is more for the kids, but if it's slow enough, JOIN IN!)

  8. Listen to your favorite podcast while out for a jog

  9. Hike your favorite trails

  10. Take the stairs, every time

  11. Find a local outdoor yoga or group fitness class

  12. Bird watching

  13. Fishing or fly fishing

  14. Go to a big open park and fly a kite

  15. Enjoy a picnic

  16. Play some disc golf

  17. If you're not the golfing type, play some frisbee

  18. Grab your clubs and play a round of golf

  19. Not a big golfer? Try mini golf instead!

  20. Check out your local botanical gardens

  21. Visit your local farmers market

  22. Window shop your own downtown area

  23. Go visit the beach or a lake

  24. Pull out a cornhole or ladder ball set and play with friends

  25. Play a game of catch (baseball, football, tennis ball, you name it!)

  26. Take a walk with the dog

There are HUNDREDS of things you can do to stay active outside, this just scratches the surface. Go out and enjoy some sun this weekend and stay active!

Don't forget the sunscreen!

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