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Machine Chest Press - Exercise How To, Benefits, and Safety Tips

Muscle Target: Chest

Equipment Needed: Machine Chest Press Machine

Experience Level: All Levels

The machine chest press is one of the most popular and easily learnable exercises for targeting the chest muscles. This exercise can be done with a variety of machines, from a cable machine to a dedicated chest press machine.


  1. Start by adjusting the machine to fit your body (some variations may be limited as to the adjustments). Adjust the seat to where the handles of the machine line up with the middle of your chest or just below shoulder height. If you're using a machine that the seat back adjusts, start with the handles slightly in front of your chest/shoulders.

  2. Plant your feet firmly on the floor, lean your back into the seat, and grab the handles.

  3. Slowly press the handles away from your body, focusing on squeezing your chest muscles. Maintain a slight bend in your elbow, rather than locking them out at the full extension of this motion.

  4. Hold the contraction for 1-3 seconds, then slowly return the handles back to the starting position. You want to choose a weight that you can fully control throughout the motion and not slam the weight stack back down.

  5. Repeat the exercise for the desired number of reps.

BENEFITS: The machine chest press is an effective exercise for targeting the chest muscles and will also work your triceps and front deltoid (shoulder), as other similar motion exercises will. This exercise can help to build strength and size in the chest, as well as improve posture and mobility.


  1. Make sure to use a weight that you can handle. Choosing a weight that is too heavy can lead to improper form, which will eventually lead to injury.

  2. Make sure to keep your back against the pad throughout the exercise.

  3. Maintain a slight bend in your elbow, rather than locking them out at the full extension of this motion.


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