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Trainers Aren't Scary - 6 Reasons Why Working with a Personal Trainer Can Help

For many, the thought of asking for help is one of the worst things ever. Whether it's the fear of being shamed or feeling unintelligent, asking for help can be difficult. However, working with a personal trainer is one of the least fearful things you can do and can be one of the best for you in the long run.

If you're hesitant about working with a personal trainer or even just asking questions, there are major benefits to getting a little assistance in the gym, regardless of your experience level.


The most important part of training your body is doing it safely. Quality is always better than quantity when it comes to exercise, and working with a trainer will ensure proper form, technique, and most of all, supreme safety.


It's easy to skip your last couple of reps when you're by yourself or to skip that workout altogether. When you're working with a trainer, you have no choice but to finish that set, keeping you accountable and reaching those goals faster.

You may also find some additional confidence working out with a coach, pushing yourself with extra repetitions or higher weight output. This study analysis detailed how when more accountability is present in a person's fitness journey, they are more likely to stick to their weight loss program.


Everyone has a story. Everyone has differing exercise experience, injury history, body types, schedules, and more importantly, goals. Working with a trainer allows you to get personalized workouts and a plan to help cater to your strengths, adjust for injuries, and reach your goals.

Although you can find a workout plan by typing "workout plan" into Pinterest or your preferred web browser, having a personalized plan is going to help you reach those goals even faster and be better for your body.


The goal of having a personal trainer isn't to have a babysitter in the gym, it's to educate you on how to perform in the gym properly.

Personal trainers go through a certification process where they learn about the physiology and mechanics of the human body, understand behavior change, the science of exercise, and more. They are also required to keep up with their education to maintain their certification status as well, so rest assured they know their stuff.

All that knowledge will get passed along to you during your time working with your trainer, making your sessions more valuable than just a sweaty workout.


Not everyone is sure of how exactly to set a fitness goal, and there's nothing wrong with that! You may have an idea that you want to "drop 20 pounds," which is a great starting point. Your trainer will work with you on how to refine that goal, find your why, and set micro-goals to track along the way to your bigger-picture goal.


The quickest way to gym boredom is running the same workouts week in and week out. Trainers will have a large library of exercises to work with to help change things up in your routine.

They may also suggest something completely new, like a workout in the pool or taking a class, which is a great way to shock the body and promote continued growth.

Personal trainers are just like the rest of us. What most people don't know, is that many personal trainers USE a coach themselves. Don't be afraid of asking for assistance, even if it's just a spot on your next benching session or if you have a technical question about an exercise.

Meet the entire team here at Mesa Fitness today and learn about just how human they can be!


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